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OSRS Dagannoth Kings Guide

Oct 15

There is a trio of bosses found on the sixth floor in Waterbirth Island Dungeon. These three are known for their drops, such as dragon axes and berserker rings among other things. Bones that these monsters drop also have a value which makes them quite rewarding to kill; but it may be costly so players will need plenty of OSRS gold before they go out hunting!

As mentioned, three Dagannoth kings await you in this dungeon: Supreme, Rex, and Prime. No matter your level or stats, it is wise to have a solid base in the 80s for the task ahead. There are three different bosses here so it's best to level up your attack skills first before going on this journey.

Dagannoth Prime

Prime is a challenging boss that will try to kill you with his magical attacks. If you don't use the Protect from Magic prayer, he'll hit for up to 50 damage and take just two hits before downing your health bar. He's weak against ranged weapons so it makes sense to equip an appropriate set of gear while fighting him!

Dagannoth Rex

The battle with Rex is a true test of your skills. You can use the terrain to offset his attacks but be warned this boss has many tricks up its sleeve and will do what it takes to win. If you're skilled enough, however, he won't stand as much chance against you. Using melee is advised against this Dagannoth king.

Dagannoth Supreme

Supreme is a force to be reckoned with. Probably the most difficult of all three Dagannoth, Supremes packs more punch than his Prime and Rex counterparts but you can still defeat him using a barrage of melee attacks.

How To Get To Waterbirth Island?

There's no shortage of methods when it comes to getting yourself over to Waterbirth Island.

You can reach Waterbirth Island by putting your house in Relekka. You can also use a redirection tab from the Nightmare. Another option is to use an enchanted lyre and teleport to the Waterbirth island using a spell on the Lunar spellbooks.

Recommended Gear For Dagannoth Kings

The goal you should keep in mind when gearing up is to avoid having many switches (I.E., One for each boss). In this regard, the fury is better over the zenyte because it gives you more inventory spaces and a free bag slot! You don't need all-expensive items; instead, bring the following:

  • Toxic blowpipe
  • Slayer helm
  • Tentacle whip
  • Dragon dagger
  • Range cape
  • Ring of suffering/ Ring of Gods
  • God boots
  • Dragon defender
  • Crystal shield / Spirit shield.
  • Trident of the swamp

One of the most challenging aspects of killing a Supreme is avoiding detection by other Dagannoths. Be sure your inventory includes necessary potions like stamina and restore when hunting. You will also need a couple of teleports and a rune thrownaxe to get in.