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Experience the Best of Egypt on a Sleeping Train

Jun 27

Are you looking for an authentic and unforgettable way to experience Egypt? Look no further than the overnight sleeper train! Not only is it cost-effective compared to flying, but it also allows for more time to explore during the day. And let's not forget the unique adventure of sleeping on a train while travelling through the stunning landscapes of Egypt. While it may not be luxury travel, it certainly adds a touch of charm and nostalgia. Join us as we look at what to expect on the Egypt sleeper train and why it's a must-do on any trip to this fascinating country.



Explanation of why taking an overnight sleeper train is a popular way to travel in Egypt

Taking an overnight sleeper train is a popular way to travel in Egypt because it offers a unique and memorable experience. Many Egypt tours include one or two journeys on a sleeper train as it is an affordable way to travel compared to flying. Additionally, it allows more time to sightsee during the day without waiting around at airports. The train journey also allows travellers to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations, such as Philae in Aswan, that might not be accessible by other means of transportation.

Moreover, the train cabins have all the amenities for a comfortable sleep, including bunk beds, seating, overhead storage, and a washbasin with a mirror. While the cabins are small and quite cramped, they provide a cosy and intimate atmosphere for travellers to rest and relax. Despite possible disruptions during the journey, the train ride is an exciting and unique experience that should not be missed. 

Taking a sleeper train in Egypt is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local culture and see the country from a different perspective. The process is made easy for travellers with options to book online or in person at the ticket office. While it can be busy and crowded, the tour guide will assist passengers in boarding the train, and police escorts ensure safety for all. With all these benefits in mind, it is no wonder that sleeping trains have become a popular way to travel in Egypt. [1][2]



Description of the benefits of taking a sleeper train instead of flying

There are many benefits to taking a sleeper train instead of flying when travelling in Egypt.

Firstly, travellers can save money as sleeper train tickets are often much cheaper than a flight. 

Secondly, travelling by train allows plenty of time to explore Egypt's incredible sights during the day. One can visit hidden gems such as Philae in Aswan without wasting precious time waiting at the airport. 

Thirdly, taking a sleeper train is a unique and unforgettable experience that any other mode of transportation cannot replicate. The cabins might be small with bunk beds, but the train attendants provide clean sheets and fluffy pillows to ensure a comfortable journey. Moreover, there's plenty of overhead storage for travellers’ luggage and a washbasin in each cabin. 

Lastly, sleeper trains offer travellers a unique way to witness the country's geography and cultural diversity. Timing the journey with sunset or sunrise can make for amazing views, allowing travellers to admire the unspoiled beauty of the Egyptian countryside. 

Travelling by sleeper train is an adventure in and of itself and is certainly worth experiencing on your trip to Egypt. [3][4]



Explanation of the purpose of the blog post

The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the unique experience of travelling through Egypt on a sleeper train. Many tourists opt to fly between destinations to save time. Still, by taking the overnight train, travellers can experience more of the country during the day and save money on accommodations. It's an adventure worth having, and the information provided here will help prepare travellers for what to expect. 

Additionally, the blog explains how to book train tickets online or in person, as well as the options for payment. The post also touches on the crowded train platforms at major stations and how our experienced tour guides will assist passengers with boarding safely. 

Furthermore, the reader will learn about the cabins' size and features, setting realistic expectations of the train's sleeping arrangements. By providing factual data from those who have experienced the sleeper train, this blog can help readers decide if it's the right choice for their Egyptian adventure. 

Overall, this blog post aims to inform and inspire visitors to experience the best of Egypt uniquely and memorably. [5][6]



Explanation of the company that operates the trains

The sleeper trains that travel through Egypt are operated by the privately-owned company Ernst Watania on behalf of the Egyptian National Railways. This company provides travellers with a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, allowing them to explore the country leisurely and admire its beautiful landscapes. 

Booking a ticket is simple and can be done online through their website or app. Payment options include cash or credit card; however, if a passenger chooses to purchase their ticket in person, they must pay in US dollars. Additionally, the company offers three different price tiers for tickets, with nationals of other Arab states receiving a special discount. 

For added convenience, passengers can board the train by showing the PDF ticket they receive upon online payment to the carriage attendant. Overall, the company provides incredible services with clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned cabins that transport passengers safely and securely across Egypt. [7][8]



Details on how to book online or in person at the ticket office

If you're planning a trip to Egypt and want to experience the overnight sleeper train, booking your tickets in advance is crucial. Luckily, there are a few ways to book your train tickets.

You can book online at the Ernst website or app or in person at the Ernst ticket office at Ramses station in Cairo. However, if you purchase tickets in person, please note that cards are not accepted as payment, so you must bring US dollars. 

Alternatively, you can ask your tour guide agency or hotel to book the tickets. Another option is to buy your tickets on board the train, which is only available for day trains, not for the overnight sleeper train.

If you decide to book online, you'll need to register as a user on the website first. However, remember that you can only book a maximum of two tickets and can't book more than two weeks in advance. 

Booking train tickets in Egypt can be a bit of a hassle, but it's worth it for the unique and memorable experience of travelling on the overnight sleeper train. [9][10]



Clarification for payment options

Regarding payment options for booking the Egypt sleeper train, there are a few things to remember. 

If you book online through the Egyptian National Railways website or app, you must have an Egyptian credit card to complete the transaction. For those who prefer to book in person at the Ernst ticket office, it's important to note that only cash is accepted and you must pay in US dollars. This is different from other forms of payment, such as credit cards or Egyptian pounds, which may work for other transactions in Egypt. 

For tourists travelling on our Egypt tours, the sleeper train cost is included in the tour price, so no separate payment is required. The advantage of this is that it streamlines the booking process and eliminates the need to worry about payment. 

Overall, planning and researching payment options before booking the Egypt sleeper train is important to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Whether you prefer to pay with cash or a credit card, solutions are available to suit your needs. With some preparation, you can enjoy the best of Egypt on a comfortable overnight sleeper train journey. [11][12]



Discussion of the crowded train platforms at major stations

When taking overnight sleeper trains in Egypt, it's important to be prepared for the often-crowded train platforms at major stations. This can be a bit overwhelming for travellers unfamiliar with busy train stations. However, with a bit of planning and the help of a tour guide, boarding the train can be a smooth process.

The tour guide will help passengers navigate the crowds and ensure everyone gets on board safely. Additionally, for safety purposes, police escorts may be present on the platforms to assist with boarding and to ensure the security of passengers.

Despite the potential crowds, taking an overnight sleeper train in Egypt is still a popular way to travel and offers a unique experience unavailable when flying. So, if you're planning a trip to Egypt and want to experience the best of the country, consider taking a sleeper train and book your tickets online or in person at the ticket office.



Explanation of how the tour guide will help passengers board the train

If you're worried about navigating the crowded train platforms at major stations, don't be! Your tour guide will help you get onto the train in the right place. As experienced guides, they know the ins and outs of Egypt's sleeper trains and can easily guide you through the process.

They'll ensure that you and your luggage are in the right spot and that you board the train safely. You may even be accompanied by a member of the Egyptian tourism police, who will escort you onto the platform and onto the train to ensure your safety. 

So relax and let your tour guide handle the logistics for you. Your only job is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! [15][16]



Information about police escorts for safety purposes

Egypt is a safe destination for tourists, but as with any country, it's important to take precautions to ensure your safety. One of the ways that the Egypt sleeper train ensures the safety of its passengers is by providing police escorts. 

These escorts ensure that passengers are safe as they travel through certain areas considered hotspots for regional disputes. While some may see this as an extreme measure, it's important to note that the escorts are there to keep passengers safe. Since the train is often crowded with tourists and locals alike, having an escort can provide peace of mind for those worried about their safety in an unfamiliar country. 

Additionally, the presence of police escorts can deter potential threats from even attempting to harm or rob passengers. Remember that there are rarely any incidents on the train, and being overly concerned or worried is unnecessary. Just enjoy the experience of travelling through Egypt on an overnight sleeper train, knowing that your safety is being prioritized. [17][18]



Description of the size of the cabins and features

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and convenience aboard the Ernst Watania Sleeping Train. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our cabins cater to various budgets and preferences, ensuring every passenger finds their perfect overnight travel experience.

Take your pick from private compartments, perfect for solo travellers or couples seeking an intimate retreat, to deluxe cabins, designed for families and groups of friends to journey together in style. Each air-conditioned cabin features comfortable beds, plush pillows, and cosy blankets to keep you snug throughout your travels.

In addition to complimentary snacks and beverages to satisfy your cravings, various entertainment options are also available. For those who wish to freshen up, every cabin has a private bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. Power outlets are provided for charging your electronic devices, ensuring you stay connected during your journey.

Bask in striking views of the passing landscape through the large cabin windows, and appreciate the spaciousness that allows you to move around easily. With ample storage space for your luggage, every inch of our cabin is thoughtfully designed with your utmost comfort in mind.

Choose the Ernst Watania Sleeping Train for your next adventure and be captivated by an unforgettable overnight travel experience. [19][20]