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Three Roof Materials Common to All to help you choose a sustainable roofing option

Jun 28


In recent time, there has been an increased emphasis on the sustainability and the waste generated by building products. When you think about the fact that more than 10 million tons of asphalt shingles end up in a landfill each year, it is clear that roofing is a major contributor to the ever-growing issue of waste. Though there is no clear cut way to choose an environmentally-friendly roof and recycling efforts aren't always accessible, there are a few main aspects to consider when choosing a new roof system that will have an effect on your home's waste footprint over its life. You can select a roofing system that is characterized by positive aspects of sustainability in both manufacture and performance without leaving style behind! To get more information, dial roofing contractors scottsdale Arizona.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is environmentally sustainable both in manufacture and the length of its life. There are a variety of metals such as copper or zinc which use less energy to engineer, both brand new and recycled, than other types of materials or metals. Metal systems are exceptionally durable and long-lasting in addition to their capacity to be made. Metal roofs can last between 50 and 80 years based on the kind of metal and the way it is put in place. This significantly reduces the waste cycle associated with traditional roofing materials like shingles. We, scottsdale arizona roofers offer this service that is durable.

Slate Roofing

Slate tile is among the oldest roofing materials in history. This system is famous for being incredibly durable, fireproof, waterproof, and long-lasting. With proper care, slate roofs can last up to 100 years without requiring a lot of maintenance. As with metal, due to its long-lasting nature the roof will not be contributing to the waste of building materials in landfills over a period of time, which could mean three different shingle roofs. In addition, slate is the most natural thing that exists! The slate used to create tiles is quarried from the natural slate rock. The composition of the minerals in the quarry affects the color and weathering variations. This allows for style customization.

Clay Tile Roofing

As with slate and metal and slate, you can count on an edifice made of clay for an extended time. Ludowici clay tiles, which are made from natural clay, are kiln-fired, Terra cotta, which is impervious to heat, salt and mold. A Ludowici clay tile roof is expected to last between 75 and 100 years due to its extremely strong properties. This means that there's no reason to add materials to the landfill. Clay tile is customizable in every possible way and includes the option of shapes, colors and finishes.

The Warning Signs to Replace Your Roof

Leaks and Water Damage

You should not ignore one leak inside your home. If ignored, these water leaks can become more severe. Las Vegas roof repairs solutions are readily available to repair any leaks inside your home. It could be an indication that your roof may be damaged than you think. Damage to your roof from water will show up in dark streaks, sagging, and rotting tiles.


The wooden and asphalt roofs are very susceptible to the process of rotting. Rotting could indicate that your roof needs to be replaced. You can steer clear of a more serious problem by paying attention to indications of discoloration.

Roof Age

A quick indicator of roof replacement is determining the condition of your roof. If the roof you have is more than 20 years old , it may be time for a roof replacement!


Moss and Algae

If there's a large amount of moss on your roof it's not good. It traps moisture, and can cause roof damage. To eliminate moss on your roof employ a stiff brush.


Decaying Shingles

Cracks and decay are typical of roofs made of shingle. Be sure to check for areas on your roof that have fallen or decaying roofing shingles. Advosy Roofing suggests that these signs are a sign that the roof should be replaced.

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